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Thuraya IP+

Streambox Solution for Thuraya IP+

About Streambox

Streambox Live is a cutting edge broadband video contribution service which allows media professionals and broadcast journalists to send videos over wired and wireless IP networks to the Streambox Live server. This innovative solution enables reporters to search and preview large volumes of incoming video material, choose their selection and then route it to their decoders while only paying for what they use, making it very cost effective. Using Streambox with the Thuraya IP+ gives the media a reliable and efficient way to transmit and manage their video content.

Who uses this solution?

Many of the world’s leading news organizations rely on Streambox for successful operations. CNN, FOX NEWS, SKY NEWS and BBC are a few industry leaders who use Streambox to meet their broadcast reporting requirements clearly, easily and without delay.

How does it work over Thuraya IP+?

Reporters can use the high-performance Thuraya IP+ as a primary link in streaming mode to transfer live videos to the studio when also used in combination with a camera and laptop – on which the Streambox encoder is installed. This specialized solution compresses and transfers a digital video over a 256k streaming connection from which the studio can relay the high quality broadcast video to its viewers across the world. Journalists will benefit from its ease of use, ease of deployment and its ability to transmit video from a Thuraya IP+ without an external an-tenna. By coupling the Thuraya IP+ with Streambox, reporters on location can depend on this so-lution to work quickly and efficiently over Thuraya’s reliable global network.

Thuraya IP+

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