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Solutions Available for Thuraya IP+


ClipWay by Geolink Satellite Services is a professional software solution created especially for remote news gathering. By using ClipWay, reporters can quickly and easily transmit both live and pre-recorded reports back to television networks from remote locations across the globe over an IP-link, such as the high-performance Thuraya IP+. ClipWay is highly cost effective and offers media professionals the flexibility and efficiency they need to deliver the news.

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Livewire Digital Ltd offers reliable and mobile live and file-based news gathering solutions which can be easily transported by reporters working in remote locations. Livewire’s M-Link is used for media broadcasting by receiving video and audio streams and files from news correspondents in the field and relaying the story through the studios where the broadcasts can then be aired to viewers.

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For users who work in remote locations such as media broadcasters, humanitarian relief work-ers, outdoor adventurers, frontline defense and marine applications, satellite is often the only practical solution that is able to provide a dependable, high-speed, communications platform. OneAccess UDgateway’s advanced VPN and WAN optimization functionality is able to increase the performance of the Thuraya IP+ terminal. As a result, it provides vital support for a full range of media and business applications, even from areas with very limited communications infra-structure.

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Quicklink provides solutions for broadcasting live and edited video news reports. Quicklink is the leading global provider of cost effective, high quality broadcast solutions in the fields of news, sport, entertainment and corporate media. These solutions help to achieve high video and audio quality optimized for Thuraya IP+. When combined, the Thuraya IP+ Quicklink solution is an innovative mobile satellite solution offering optimum audio and video quality for the media sector which ideally enables seamless live video broadcasting.

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Scotty is an industry leading communications solution for media surveillance which provides video, audio and data transmission over any network. It has been especially designed to function in difficult environments with a protective, highly portable case. It is an easy to use all in one video and data communications system.

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Streambox Live is a cutting edge broadband video contribution service which allows media professionals and broadcast journalists to send videos over wired and wireless IP networks to the Streambox Live server. This innovative solution enables reporters to search and preview large volumes of incoming video material, choose their selection and then route it to their decoders while only paying for what they use, making it very cost effective. Using Streambox with the Thuraya IP+ gives the media a reliable and efficient way to transmit and manage their video content.

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