IP Plus
Thuraya IP+

Media Sector

Timeliness, access to information and the accuracy of your message are imperative in the highly competitive broadcast media sector. To be the first to break the story, journalists and field teams need to be able to instantly connect to their newsrooms from anywhere.

Relief & Emergency Sector

When disasters strike, rapid response can mean the difference between life and death. To relief workers, establishing communication links is essential for first responders to assess the scale of the disaster or organize an evacuation, as well as for ongoing coordination and setup of relief operations such as hospitals or vaccination clinics.

Marine Sector

The world’s oceans and seas can be a lonely place. And when radio communications fall out of reach, you need satellite communications to stay in touch – with your next port of call, your onshore office, or with your loved ones at home.

Energy Sector

The growing demand for energy resources means that onshore and offshore exploration and production operations are extending further into remote regions.

Defense Sector

Enables secure and reliable two-way communications in real time between HQ command and deployed units — with solutions that enable connectivity and interoperability to a wide range of communication platforms.

Enterprise Level

When business operations extend beyond the reach of terrestrial communications, organizations count on satellite communications to maintain uninterrupted connectivity.

Daily Life

Satellite phones and broadband terminals that ensure you’re never far away from the comforts of home. Make voice calls to your loved ones, send emails, SMS, and faxes, or browse the Internet at high-speeds.