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Scotty Solution for Thuraya IP+

About Scotty (Media Surveillance)

Scotty is an industry leading communications solution for media surveillance which provides video, audio and data transmission over any network. It has been especially designed to function in difficult environments with a protective, highly portable case. It is an easy to use all in one video and data communications system.

Who uses this solution?

Several global companies rely on this durable, waterproof, shock-resistant system for success-ful field work. It enables users to report the news on the go while also sharing and sending data from anywhere in the world. Scotty is the ultimate mobile communications tool for journalists reporting from the field.

How does it work over Thuraya IP+?

Scotty uses the Thuraya IP+ as its main connectivity link in streaming mode for video. This me-dia solution is the ultimate tool for achieving successful video communications. It features an industrial PC, high speed data transfer system, digital video recording, standard H.320/H.323 video conferencing and T.120/H.239 data conferencing all packaged together in a ruggedized, easily deployable unit for reporters on the move.

Together, Thuraya IP+ and Scotty Mobile form a truly reliable all-in-one unit that provides several built in components which include a DC power supply, multiple network interfacing (no extra adapters needed), high resolution camera, speaker, microphone, and echo cancellation. Whether you are conferencing, sharing data, sending data, or simply computing alone, this solution will always deliver outstanding results. In addition, users can take advantage of the optional ENCRYPTION SUPPORT to meet their crypto requirements.

Thuraya IP+

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