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About Quicklink

Quicklink provides solutions for broadcasting live and edited video news reports. Quicklink is the leading global provider of cost effective, high quality broadcast solutions in the fields of news, sport, entertainment and corporate media. These solutions help to achieve high video and audio quality optimized for Thuraya IP+. When combined, the Thuraya IP+ Quicklink solution is an innovative mobile satellite solution offering optimum audio and video quality for the media sector which ideally enables seamless live video broadcasting.

Who uses this solution?

The Quicklink solution is utilized by over 390 international TV stations and news gathering companies such as BBC, CNN, CNBC Arabiya and Aljazeera to name a few.

Quicklink 's Live and Store-and-Forward technology was one of the key tools used to stream live footage at the Royal wedding of Britain's Prince William and Catherine Middleton, and was fundamental in successfully achieving live aerial streaming of the 2012 Olympic torch relay.

How does it work over Thuraya IP+?

With this solution, reporters in the field can directly transmit breaking news as it unfolds back to the studio. Reporters can link their camera to their laptop where the Quicklink encoder software encodes video streams that are captured live. These encoded streams are broadcasted via Thuraya IP+ over the Thuraya satellites to Thuraya’s Earth Station.

From there, 3 choices are offered for the encoded streams to reach the newsroom:

  1. Through the worldwide web
  2. Through one of the 2 POP’s (point-of-presence) available in Singapore, or London or
  3. Through a Dedicated Leased Line. The Quicklink Play Out Server located at the TV station, decodes the video streams enabling quality live video broadcasting. This allows reporters in the field to file stories and break the news as it happens. This operation is seamless and instant. The same process is used for Store-and-Forward.

Media companies will benefit from Thuraya IP+’s Asymmetric Streaming speeds which result in significant cost savings of up to 40%. By providing a choice of adjusting their uplink/downlink streaming speeds of 256Kbps or 384Kbps (with an external antenna) reporters in the field can still communicate with their newsroom through a return audio (IFB) from the studio which is provided at 64Kbps. Together, Thuraya and Quicklink provide an easy to use, reliable and cost effective solution to media customers that heightens connectivity on the move and improves the overall experience so users can enjoy clear, high-quality streaming capabilities.

Thuraya IP+

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