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Thuraya IP+

OneAccess Solution for Thuraya IP+

Accelerated VPN from the most remote locations

For users who work in remote locations such as media broadcasters, humanitarian relief work-ers, outdoor adventurers, frontline defense and marine applications, satellite is often the only practical solution that is able to provide a dependable, high-speed, communications platform. OneAccess UDgateway’s advanced VPN and WAN optimization functionality is able to increase the performance of the Thuraya IP+ terminal. As a result, it provides vital support for a full range of media and business applications, even from areas with very limited communications infra-structure.

Enhanced web surfing

The increasing use of image-rich content such as video and pop-up advertising, particularly on ecommerce and multimedia web sites, can lead to an extremely frustrating experience for any online user, causing delays and interrupted service while waiting for pages to download. OneAccess’ WEBcompress is an easily configurable software module that optimizes and com-presses web content to accelerate web page loading time and enhance the user’s web brows-ing experience. The OneAccess UD Gateway is installed in a single central location, which means there is no requirement for an additional device at the remote site.

Optimized IP bonding

Many of today’s web and cloud based business applications depend on the transmission of large volumes of data as well as live voice and video streaming to deliver true business value. Operating effectively means that users need a reliable, high capacity link to ensure a satisfac-tory user experience. OneAccess UDgateway’s advanced link bonding and load-balancing capa-bility, together with its data compression and acceleration technology, enables aggregation of multiple satellite links capable of supporting high bandwidth applications in remote and off-shore locations.

Thuraya IP+

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