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LiveWire Solution for Thuraya IP+

About Livewire

Livewire Digital Ltd offers reliable and mobile live and file-based news gathering solutions which can be easily transported by reporters working in remote locations. Livewire’s M-Link is used for media broadcasting by receiving video and audio streams and files from news correspondents in the field and relaying the story through the studios where the broadcasts can then be aired to viewers.

Who uses this solution?

Some of the world’s largest broadcasters rely on Livewire for its reliable and rapidly deployable solutions which are ideal for use in the field. Internationally renowned news organizations like Sky News regularly utilizes several key solutions from Livewire to deliver their broadcasts. Livewire provides journalists in the field who are facing challenging environments with fast, ef-fective and easy to use solutions.

How does it work over Thuraya IP+?

Reporters can use the high-performance Thuraya IP+ as a primary link in streaming mode to transfer live videos to the studio when also used in combination with a camera and laptop – on which the Livewire M-Link encoder is installed. This specialized solution compresses and trans-fers a digital video over a 256k streaming connection from which the studio can relay the high quality broadcast video to its viewers across the world. Journalists will benefit from its ease of use, ease of deployment and its ability to transmit video from a Thuraya IP+ without an external antenna. By coupling the Thuraya IP+ with Livewire M-Link, reporters on location can depend on this solution to work quickly and efficiently over Thuraya’s reliable global network.
*This solution also offers: H.264/AVC video - High quality with full interlaced support and full motion SIF video at native frame rates over Thuraya 256/384Kbps.

Thuraya IP+

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