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ClipWay Solution for Thuraya IP+

About ClipWay

ClipWay by Geolink Satellite Services is a professional software solution created especially for remote news gathering. By using ClipWay, reporters can quickly and easily transmit both live and pre-recorded reports back to television networks from remote locations across the globe over an IP-link, such as the high-performance Thuraya IP+. ClipWay is highly cost effective and offers media professionals the flexibility and efficiency they need to deliver the news.

Who uses this solution?

ClipWay is used by international news corporations and members of the media throughout the world to transfer broadcast quality video and audio from the field to the studios. Its simplicity and ease of use make it an essential tool for correspondents on location.

How does it work over Thuraya IP+?

ClipWay is used in conjunction with the Thuraya IP+ which serves as a primary link in streaming mode to transfer both live streaming and stored videos to the studio. Together, Thuraya and ClipWay provide a reliable connection with swift, high quality, smooth transmission. This solution’s performance can be further enhanced by coupling two Thuraya IP+ terminals using the ClipWay software aggregating function which results in streaming speeds of 600 kbps plus to transmit HD quality video without any additional hardware at the encoder end. This level of functionality clearly demonstrates that IP bonding is very effective over media broadcast solutions and simple to execute. By easily combining Thuraya IP+ with ClipWay, the media can enjoy clear and sharp results while reporting from the field.

Thuraya IP+

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